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Vacuum gauge DVR 2pro 1080 - 1 mbar
Vacuum gauge DVR 2pro 1080 - 1 mbar
Vacuum gauge with integrated pressure sensor, incl. connecting parts, support rod, 9 V alkaline manganese battery block and instructions
VacuuView extended
VacuuView extended
Vacuum gauge with integrated vacuum sensor, ready for use, hose nozzle set DN 6/10 mm included, with plug-in power pack and instructions
Vacuum measuring instrument set
Technical information: Measuring range: 1x 10 -3 -1x10 -3 Interface: RS 232C Dimensions LxWxH: 144x124 x114 mm Weight: 440 g Rated voltage / mains frequency: 100-230 V/50-60 Hz Measuring principle: Heat conduction to Pirani (plastic /...
Vacuum manometer
Vacuum manometer With 2 scale ranges (1000 to 0 mbar/760 to 0 mm Hg) Complete with adapter to standard ground cone 29/32 Suitable for work in the rough vacuum range.
Pressure gauge
Pressure gauge Stainless steel housing Complete with screw coupling and adapter to standard ground cone NS 29/32 Working range 0.1 to 2.5 bar