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Clean room cleaning wipes series 415, white, size 12 x 12", 100 pieces
Clean room cleaning wipes series 415, white,...
100% polyester Knitted fabric made from filaments Laser cut and sealed edges low particle and fiber emission abrasion resistant decontaminated in a clean room laundry
Cellulose non-woven wipes, white embossed
Cellulose non-woven wipes, white embossed
Sensitive surfaces must be treated softly - ideally with Multisoft®. Because the extra-soft, low-linting special cloths are the first choice when it comes to care and polishing work. They absorb liquids such as polishing wax well and...
KIMTECH Pure* wipes, white, 34 x 38 cm
KIMTECH PREP* KIMTEX* Wipers in a Jumbo roll format. Designed for wiping tasks where low lint or use of chemicals are required. Engineered for critical applications involving solvents, inks, and paints. Acid, base and solvent resistant....
WYPALL* L40 wiping cloths, 31,5 x 33 cm
WYPALL* L40 Wiping cloths white 31,5 x 33 cm carton with 18 x 56 cloths 1/4 folded Chemical pulp / latex mixture
Content 1008 piece(s) (€0.16 / 1 piece(s))
WYPALL* X60 wipes, white, 41 x 38 cm
WYPALL * X60 wipes large roll of 750 sheets perforated embossed 68g / m² white 41 x 38 cm suitable for floor stand (6155, 6154) and wall bracket (6146, 7906) versatile and durable cloths economical in use WYPALL * X wipes are made from...
KIMTECH Prep* process wipes, blue, 34 x 38 cm
KIMTECH Prep * process wipes large roll of 500 wipes perforated embossed blue cloth size 34 x 38 cm suitable for floor stand (6155, 6154) and wall bracket (6146) solid low-lint wipes for reuse for cleaning with chemicals and solvents for...
WYPALL* L20 wipes, white, 33 x 38 cm
WYPALL* L20 Wipers are a low-cost alternative An absorbent and effective, hygenic, single-use wiper that prevents cross-contamination. Large roles á 1000 wipes, perforated, white, AIRFLEX* Material, 1 x 35 g/m², W x L 33 x 38 cm....
KLEENEX® Ultra towels, 2-ply towels
Soft, high white, 2-ply disposable towels, interfold, made of Airflex material, gentle on the skin, very absorbent, efficient and economical. Optimum quality for every washroom. Suitable for Aqua towel dispenser 378006973 and Ripple...
Content 2820 piece(s) (€0.08 / 1 piece(s))
WYPALL* X60 wiping cloths, white
WYPALL * X cloths are made of the unique HYDROKNIT * material are firmly embedded in the soft, highly absorbent cellulose fibers in a back stood enabled spunbond polypropylene. These are extremely high-quality, robust and textile-like...
Content 200 piece(s) (€0.28 / 1 piece(s))
from €55.38
WYPALL* X80 wiping cloths
Repeat-use wiper with HYDROKNIT* technology that is highly absorbent, strong and durable (wet or dry), resists most solvents, reduces residue, allows fast cleaning and helps reduce costs. Ideal for: heavy-duty tasks in industrial areas;...
Content 10 piece(s) (€11.58 / 1 piece(s))
WYPALL* X50 wiping cloths
Our lighter weight WYPALL* X50 Wipers offer the absorbing power of our HYDROKNIT* technology raising the standard for general purpose wipers. WYPALL* X50 Wipers in a Jumbo roll format. Our most economical extended use wiper picks up...
Content 300 piece(s) (€0.22 / 1 piece(s))
Cleaning cloth rolls Multitex
Cleaning cloth rolls Multitex blue, W x L 30 x 38 cm (1 roll à 475 tears)
Wipes Vliesrolle
Wipes fleece roll
The Wipes fleece roll from B.Braun is a dry fleece roll with 100 wipes for the refillable fleece wipes dispenser. Each fleece roll contains a sticker on which the name of the disinfectant and the date of preparation are noted and can be...
Content 100 piece(s) (€0.21 / 1 piece(s))
Askina® Brauncel® Dispenser Box, empty
The Askina® Brauncel® dispenser box is supplied as an empty box and is used for hygienic storage of the Askina® Brauncel® cellulose swabs. The cellulose swabs are protected from dust and contamination and can be easily and quickly...
Cleanroom wipes BEMCOT M-3, 35 x 25 cm, cellulose, 30 x 100 pieces
Cleanroom wipes BEMCOT M-3, 35 x 25 cm,...
Content 100 piece(s) (€2.94 / 1 piece(s))
SCOTT® Natura towel, white, 2 layer, 25x33 cm
SCOTT® Plus disposable towels, C-fold, white, 2-ply, 25 x 33 cm. Inexpensive products for high traffic washrooms. Box of 20 x 140 wipes.
Cleanroom Wipes Series 700
Cleanroom Wipes Series 700
Outer material polypropylene, inner material cellulose core, high absorption capacity. Liquid is stored in the cellulose core, polypropylene outside remains mostly dry. Good tear resistance, recommended for work with acids.
Content 100 piece(s) (€0.19 / 1 piece(s))
Wall holder for large reels, can also be used...
Wall holder for large reels, can also be used as a table dispenser. Metal, blue, suitable for all large rolls. Wall holder (H x W x D): 33 x 51,5 x 30 cm Table dispenser (H x W x D): 50 x 51,5 x 33 cm
Mobile floor stand for large reels, wide
Metal, blue. With refuse sack, suitable for all large rolls, H x W x D: 109 x 50 x 74 cm.
Plastic material dispenser for cosmetic wipes,...
Plastic material dispenser for cosmetic wipes, chromes, size 14 x 27 x 6 cm, for handkerchieft-size 26,9 x 14,5 cm.
SCOTT® Natura towel, white, 2 layers, 25x50 cm
SCOTT® Natura disposable towels, large, white, C-fold, 2-ply, 25 x 50 cm. Cost-effective product for heavily frequented washrooms. Cardboard á 20 x 84 cloths. Suitable for AQUA * towel dispenser standard 378006974.
KLEENEX® Ultra Toilet Tissue
KLEENEX® Ultra Toilet Tissue
Single Sheet Toilet Tissue, bright white, 2-ply, micro-embossed with Kleenex® embossing, 12.5 x 18.6 cm, 36 x 200 sheets.
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