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kodan® (N) wipes, Nachfüllpack 90 Tücher
kodan® (N) wipes, refill pack 90 wipes
With a new formula, the ready-to-use Kodan (N) Wipes are excellent for disinfecting surfaces. With a broad antimicrobial spectrum of activity convince the Kodan (N) Wipes. The wipes in the practical dispenser (available separately) are...
Content 90 piece(s) (€0.09 / 1 piece(s))
Incidin® Liquid
Incidin® Liquid
The ready-to-use rapid disinfection Incidin liquid from Ecolab is versatile and free of aldehyde, fragrances and dyes. The alcohol-based rapid disinfection can be used both as a spray disinfection and as a wipe disinfection. It is also...
Content 1 litre(s)
from €8.39
Bacillol AF
Bacillol® AF
Bacillol AF rapid disinfection from Hartmann is convincing due to its fast absorption and drying time. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for medical equipment and inventory in accordance with the Medical Devices Act. The perfume and...
Content 0.5 litre(s) (€10.10 / 1 litre(s))
from €5.05
Dispenser Pump
The practical dosing pump from B.Braun is suitable for hygienic dispensing of hand hygiene products. Approx. 2 ml is pumped out with each stroke, so you always have the perfectly dosed amount. The B.Braun dosing pump is supplied...
Sprühkopf rot, für Meliseptol® 1 L Rundflasche
Spray Pumps red for Meliseptol 1 L
The B.Braun spray head is perfectly matched to Meliseptol and Meliseptol rapid. To protect the user from confusion, B.Braun has designed the spray head for Meliseptol in red. The B.Braun spray head allows the Meliseptol to be optimally...
Entnahmepumpe für 5 Liter Kanister, 15 ml Hub
Dispenser pump for 5 liter canister
The dispensing pump for 5-liter canisters with 15 ml stroke was developed to enable precise dosing of disinfectants. It is specifically designed for use with 5 liter canisters and provides a simple and efficient way to dispense...
Dosierpumpe für Kanister 5 L
Dispenser pump for 5 liter canisters
The dosing pump for 5-liter canisters is an extremely practical solution for dosing disinfectants. With its special design, it enables accurate and consistent dosing of 20 ml per stroke, ensuring optimal application of instrument and...
schülke-Wipes, non-woven-wipes, 230 x 280 mm,...
Fleece wipes for impregnation with universal or disinfecting detergents. The lint-free and tear-proof wipes are designed for both optimal disinctant delivery and excellent contaminant uptake. Due to their size they are particularly...
Pursept-A Xpress Surface disinfect.spray...
Pursept-A Xpress Surface disinfect spray atomizer head *NEW* for 1 l-bottle.